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Thermostatic Radiator Valves:

We help our customers save energy, and money, by maintaining and updating their steam systems. Without dedicated maintenance, steam systems become less efficient, wasting large amounts of energy. Even worse, inefficiencies eventually become failures, resulting in even more catastrophic losses. Our team of experts has years of experience, and is well versed with all kinds of steam system repair and maintenance jobs. Whatever the task may be, Newtech is sure to have you covered.

Steam Traps:

The thermostatic radiator trap – or steam trap – is the unsung hero of the two-pipe steam system. The steam trap discharges condensation and impurities while keeping any steam from escaping. When a trap breaks, it fails in an open position meaning steam will leak. from the radiator system. 

Working steam traps reliably chug along, their mechanical makeup working hard to keep steam inside the system, and condensation out. Over time, these traps become less efficient at doing their jobs. This results leaking out traps instead of doing work for the system. According to a U.S. Department of Energy Federal Technology Alert on steam trap performance, leaks in steam cause the loss of up to 20 percent of the steam generated by a typical boiler. 

A steam trap has a life-span of about five years. Due to mechanical failure or impurities in the system, steam traps become less effective over time. A faulty steam trap can be incredibly wasteful, leading to losses in heating, efficiency, and money. To make matters worse, without a working steam trap, other parts of your system can be subjected to wear and tear, resulting in even higher costs to you. 

In order to stay in good working condition, steam traps require maintenance from time to time. Newtech specializes in the maintenance and replacement of steam trap systems. No matter what the problem is with your steam trap, we’ve seen it. Our maintenance work is guaranteed to result in reduced costs, increased steam efficiency, and most importantly a healthy piping system. In addition, rebates and incentives from local gas companies may cover maintenance costs, leaving customers happy and headache free.

Boiler Tune-ups:

In addition to providing reliable clean heating, boilers are quiet and energy efficient. As a result, many homes and businesses depend on boilers to power their heating systems. In order to ensure that it is performing efficiently, it is important to service your boiler systems at least once a year. 

Boiler tune-ups can save money in several ways. To begin with, the increase in heating efficiency will positively impact energy bills, especially during the winter months. Also, if they are neglected, boilers can prematurely reach the end of their lifespans, necessitating complete replacements. With the cost for replacing a boiler averaging over $4,000, it is best to avoid replacements as long as possible by keeping your boiler healthy. With regular inspections and service, a boiler system can last several decades, instead of several years. 

Our experts will inspect all components of your boiler to make sure it is running safely and efficiently. Don’t get caught out in the cold, keep your boiler systems healthy with a tune-up!

Boiler Controls:

Boilers can account for up to a third of a steam system’s energy consumption. Without a control system, boilers will needlessly provide continuous steam supply, resulting in wasted heat, energy, and money. Boiler controls allow you to precisely set the behavior of your boiler, allowing you to run a more efficient steam system and a more hospitable environment. 

With proper boiler control use, every room in the home will be comfortable, and the risk of overheating steam systems will be minimized. Any boiler system is better off after the installation of boiler controls. They keep boilers running safe and efficiently, and keep homes happy and heated. 

Here at Newtech, we have a wide range of experience with many different types of boiler control systems, meaning that we can fit boiler controls suited exactly exactly your needs.

Master Venting:

Steam systems are all about efficiency. Denser and quicker than hot air, steam has an unparalleled ability to distribute heat exactly where you need it. One of Newtech’s specialties is setting up master air venting systems for the optimal movement of steam. A properly installed master venting system allows more steam to be pushed through the system quickly, and evenly, letting your steam system work exactly the way you need it. Improper installations can lead to uneven heating and in the worst-case system failures. Let our experts help you avoid and potential issues by setting up and maintaining this integral part of your steam system.

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