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Our Goal: Newtech’s goal is to help its customers reduce energy use, waste, and bills, by maintaining and updating their energy systems.

Energy Woes

Newtech is a company that concerns itself with energy use. With energy systems being so commonplace in our lives, it’s all too easy to lose track of how much energy we use. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average residential utility customer is clocking 10,812 kilowatt-hours per month. That’s a lot of energy, and not a single one of those kilowatt-hours is free. Despite this, many people fail to properly check and maintain their energy systems, flushing energy and money down the drain. Newtech specializes in making sure their customers do not let their steam systems fall victim to failure or neglect.


We help our customers save energy, and money, by maintaining and updating their steam systems. Without dedicated maintenance steam systems become less efficient - money and energy begins to leak away. Even worse, inefficiencies eventually become failures, resulting in even more catastrophic losses. Our team of experts has years of experience, and is well versed with all kinds of steam system repair and maintenance jobs. Whatever the task may be, Newtech is sure to have you covered.

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Newtech has already proven itself to be a leader in its field. We are committed to making buildings more energy efficient, and it shows: in 2013 Con Edison recognized us as being the highest energy savings contractor in the industry.  Time and time again, we produce incredible gas savings for our clients. We are known for producing big results, and pledge to bring big savings to you.

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